“An epic win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it. It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination. And when you get there you are shocked to discover what you are truly capable of.” -- Jane McGonigal

All proceeds will benefit the new game research lab known as the Studio for Gaming Innovation in the New College on the ASU West Campus.

Click here to go to the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation website.

Everything we do challenges the notion that games have no importance. We believe that games have an untapped potential to move and motivate people to become agents of change. This lab is devoted to investigating our gaming history, exploring our gaming present and leading our gaming future to inspire epic wins in the real world.

We will become a leader in game innovation by:

* games that pioneered change in games
* games that change the world
* significant independent developer (indie) games
* art about games or that use the game medium to create art

* the history of games
* a critical analysis of games

Producing and Selling:
* Games that innovate and inspire
* Games that transcend boundaries
* Games that are works of art

The lab will involve the students in:
1. Research projects that explore the past or present of games
2. Documenting the collection and researching possible acquisitions
3. Critical analysis of current games and play
4. Building and releasing transcendent games