If you would like to sponsor TEDx ASU West please contact:

Theresa Devine
email: tcdevine@asu.edu

Why should you sponsor TEDx ASU West? Because spreading ideas that matter is important and a passion in the New College of Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU West. New College is interdisciplinary in its orientation and recognizes that the problems our society confronts today are often large and complex, requiring multiple perspectives in order to discover solutions.

The most recent initiative of the New College is to establish the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation. This new game lab will connect students and researchers to discover what games and art can contribute to broadening persepctives and creating solutions. This event will help to fund this endeavor.

Special thanks to the following student organizations for helping to sponsor this event!

Many thanks to the Amnesty International Student Club for obtaining funds from the Graduate & Professional Student Association. Your support is greatly appreciated!

and to the Digital Diablos for volunteering and sponsoring part of the travel expenses for the speakers!

and to the Young Democrats for helping out with printing costs. Thank you so much providing the funds for the printing!